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Environmental Policy

View our Environmental and Sustainability Policy Here.


Vision CCTV LTD operates an effective business that offers and promotes the use of CCTV and access control systems.

Our business offers a high standard of excellence and therefore our safety and environmental responsibilities shall also promote the same levels of excellence.
Whilst individually we all have responsibility and ownership to promote and protect our environment, collectively as a business, we have the same responsibility and therefore this statement expands on what it is we shall do to promote and protect our environment whilst operating as a business.

We recognise at Vision CCTV LTD that our work activities and our policies have an impact on our environment. We shall take full account of the environmental effects of our policies, in our planning, decision making and our day to day work activities.
Managers and employees share this commitment.​

Our Policy Objectives:

  • to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and endeavour to meet and exceed those standards
  • to develop and maintain a management framework that ensures high standards of environmental performance
  • to reduce consumption of materials within our operations, re-use rather than dispose, incorporating the use of recycling
  • to promote the prudent use of fuel, energy, water, raw materials and other resources
  • to reduce, wherever practicable, the level of harmful emissions from our vehicles, buildings and equipment
  • to encourage participation with our employees, our sub-contractors and our clients of our environmental standards
  • to regularly review our environmental performance
  • set objectives and goals that ensure a continual improvement towards our environmental performance
  • communicate our policy within all levels of our business and provide regular updates

Signed . Tim Ralston

Title ... DIRECTOR